Four methods to create a bootable USB drive

Bootable USB flash drives have become the most popular solution for installing and reinstalling Windows on desktops and laptops today. All you need is a flash drive with more than 4GB and an ISO image of the operating system you want to install. While some methods in this article require additional software to do the trick, other can be performed using Windows functionality. You must remember that all the information on your USB flash drive will be permanently deleted during the process, so we recommend you to copy it somewhere before creating a bootable USB drive.

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Why a video game won’t launch in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7?

If you cannot launch a video game (or games) in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, you will find this article very useful as it contains detailed information about most common errors and reasons preventing games from launching properly. In addition to that, we will also cover multiple methods to fix each particular problem.

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How to turn off Windows Defender easily in Windows 10?

Windows Defender is an integrated antivirus tool that comes preinstalled in Microsoft Windows 10 and 8 (and 8.1 as well). It is activated by default and operates until you install and third-party antivirus or antimalware program (however, today not all antiviruses automatically disable Windows Defender upon installation). Windows Defender is not a bad tool to start with as it can protect your system from known viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malware. In case, you want to install another antivirus instead, you should know how to disable Windows Defender.

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Full Guide: Disable Cortana in Windows 10

One of the most interesting innovations of Windows 10 was an integrated personal helper known as Cortana. This service is based on AI pre-programmed functions. Despite having an interesting design, not everyone was happy with Cortana after the release. In today’s article, we are going to talk about this personal helper, its functions, and how you can disable Cortana in Windows 10.

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10 Best Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

Do you how much the full package of programs for digital artists and designers cost? Well, we’re not going to dig into numbers, especially since many professionals use different apps and tools. But there is one program that has become a “must-have” almost for everyone. Of course, we’re talking about Adobe Photoshop, which is without any doubts a powerful tool that covers all your needs regarding image editing. It is great when your company is paying for the product, but what to do if you are a freelancer and don’t have an unlimited budget to get this software?

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Top 10 websites to watch English dubbed anime online

Today anime has become a worldwide phenomenon watched by thousands of thousands. In the beginning, all anime was in the Japanese language, but as it gained more and more popularity, enthusiasts (and later professionals) started translating it. It has become a truly unique separate genre with all kinds of stories: horror, comedy, action, detective, romance, and many others. The graphics used in anime, characters, plot twists, sounds – this is why we love anime, and you probably too, otherwise you won’t be here reading this article!

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What are the best noise canceling headphones under 100 dollars?

This article was written for those who are seeking the best budget options on the market of active noise canceling headphones. We created a list that includes ten cheap options you can find, but they will still perform well enough for the price you pay. Some models here are close to the $100 mark, while others are even below $30.

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10 Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

So you must be a passionate retro games fan, if you are reading this article right now, eh? If we are correct, you made the right choice by landing here today. We are going to discuss this topic through the prism of Emuparadise. You probably heard about this amazing website where you can download all kinds of retro and classic games. Well, you could. Because all those hundreds and thousands of games, ISOS, and ROMS are no longer available along with the site that no longer exists. It is a big hit for all retro gamers. The history of Emuparadise started 18 years ago, and until now, it hosted nearly full collections of games for consoles everyone could download for free and play using emulators.

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Top 10 alternatives to Putlocker

If we were to say what is Putlocker in one sentence, we would say that it is a website for watching films and TV series online. It was originally launched in the UK 7 years ago, and since then it had grown to the heavyweight league with millions of users visiting the website daily (especially when access to Megaupload was restricted). The UK High Court blocked Putlocker in the country, and since May of 2016, it is impossible to use the original website normally. In its glory days, Putlocker was in the Top 250 sites with and accumulated the most traffic worldwide. Alas, this could not last forever, and the website was confirmed as a major piracy threat by Motion Picture Association of America.

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